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Thoughts on buying children’s clothes August 13, 2011

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When my 6yo son, Adam, was younger, I bought a majority of his clothing at garage sales (not including shoes, underwear, and some outerwear). As he’s gotten older, it’s gotten more difficult to find clothing in his size at yard sales.

Gradually I have shifted over to buying his clothes new. It’s been interesting to discover which stores give me the most bang for my buck. In the past, I have bought a lot of jeans and t-shirts at Target, because their prices are reasonable to begin with and their clearance prices can be really fantastic.

However, I’ve slowly realized that shopping at higher-end clothing stores can be just as affordable, especially if I use coupon codes and cash-back sites like Ebates or Shopathome. I just got an email from Children’s Place showing that you can get jeans for $10.20 (toddler sizes less expensive) and graphic tees for $4.25 when you use a coupon code. Need to factor in their $5 flat shipping charge (occasionally I can get free shipping) but also factor in cash back through Ebates.

Time will tell if jeans from Children’s Place are any better than Target jeans, but there are certain clothes at Target that I don’t care for anymore — like their Cherokee t-shirts — so it’s fun to see what I can get at other stores for comparable prices.