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Interruptions November 28, 2010

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Sometimes, the number of interruptions that I get when needing to have even two minutes to myself is unbelievable. I truly wish I could have a video camera to document a typical hour, morning, or day of mine.

Most of the problems stem from my 2yo, Mark.

Yesterday Hubby assembled a new loft (bunk bed) in 5yo Adam’s room. The kids love to play up there, but of course this comes at a price since Mark needs help and supervision with certain things.

At times, my frustration level feels like it’s through the roof. And I wonder, how is a person “supposed to” cope with this?


Tension with Hubby lately November 27, 2010

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Over the last few weeks, Hubby and I have had some tension over …. I can’t believe I’m typing this … whether I do “enough” around the house, including keeping the kitchen clean during the day.

For me to think that he might find my work habits lacking really, really hurts, because 1) I believe that my work ethic around the home is quite good, and 2) Many times in the past he has encouraged me to take breaks and not feel like I have to be doing something all the time.

Yesterday afternoon, after Mark (age 2) went down for his nap, I got out my Kindle and settled in to read for awhile. I sensed some weirdness coming from Hubby, and after a bit of digging, I found out that he was thinking, “Taking a break? What is she taking a break from?” From my point of view, I had gotten back from shopping at 10 a.m. and had done a lot of scurrying around the house, decluttering, putting things away, and tending to Mark. I had also taken some time to eat lunch and popcorn afterwards, while reading (one of my favorite ways to relax), and I had done some things at the computer. That being said, I definitely wouldn’t say that I ‘lounged around’ from 10 am – 2 pm!

I don’t think Hubby realizes that when he is at work and I am at home with the kids during a typical “workday,” that it is exhausting to tend to housework while also keeping the kids content, safe, fed, and so on — while also cleaning up after them. The fact is, he is simply not here to see when I’m vacuuming, mopping, wiping down the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen for the 5th, 10th, or 15th time in a day.

This whole topic is very, very frustrating and saddening to me. Does Hubby think I’m lazy? Really? Ouch.


Working on 5yo’s attitude November 22, 2010

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Well, this has been an interesting morning with my 5yo son, Adam. His preschool, which he loves, starts at 9 a.m. It is 9:09 a.m. as I type this, and we have not dropped him off at school yet. The reason is that I will not take him to school until he can go through the process of getting dressed, going out to the van, etc., without misbehaving or being sassy.

I thought we were going to “make it” on our last attempt, but while he was waiting for me to strap his younger brother into the van, Adam banged on the outside of his door with his show-and-tell bag “because [he] wanted to get in.”

Um, no. Not acceptable. I will not accept the possibility of damaging the van or the contents of his show-and-tell bag just because he is feeling impatient and sassy.

I am probably a little more strict than other parents. I feel it is worth it in the long run to address these issues now. I realize we won’t be able to do this once he starts kindergarten, but for now I will use the leverage that his love of preschool gives us in order to shape his thinking and behavior.

One. Step. At. A. Time.


Pursuing my Passions vs. Trying to be Suzy Homemaker November 3, 2010

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One of my passions is photography. I take a lot of pictures, mainly of my kids. Nowadays I shoot in RAW format, which gives me better results and a lot more leeway for “fixing” photos, but it does add a even more of a time requirement to this already time-consuming (but worthwhile) hobby.

My thought of the day is that a lot of people in my life enjoy and appreciate the results of my photographic efforts, but they may not realize how much time it requires for me to get those results.

At the moment, my mother is playing outside with my two boys. Of course, I am deeply grateful for this chance to actually decide what to do with some time. There is a lot of housework that needs to be done; I can see dirt and dog hair from right where I’m sitting! However, I decided to use this time to work on some photos from Halloween (and to blog, obviously).

It feels a little strange to do this, as if I’m not quite sure my mom would understand why I’m “just sitting at the computer” when the woman’s work calls to me from every corner of my house. I guess lately I have been more focused on doing what I enjoy, when I find a chance to do so, rather than trying to be suzy homemaker.

I don’t have the perfect balance figured out, but it is an interesting journey.