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Struggles as of late May 24, 2009

Just wanted to put up a quick post about my struggles lately. For some reason, I have been struggling more than usual with

  • feeling very “hemmed in” by motherhood; feeling sad & frustrated that I have little time to devote to exercise, hobbies, or friends
  • feeling overwhelmed and anxious about having kids, and the challenges that will come as they grow older; feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising two children to be responsible adults

I would sum up my struggles lately as “depression and anxiety.” Some of this is probably brought on by the fact that I have HUTH (hung up the horns), meaning that I am no longer pumping breastmilk for my baby, so the hormonal changes are likely exacerbating my tendencies to feel depressed and anxious.

It’s good to have this blog, where I can write about these things without being concerned about what my friends and family will think (only my husband knows about this blog).

One strange thing that’s happened lately: A friend of mine just had his first child (well, his WIFE had the child, but you know what I mean) a few days ago, and this has gotten me thinking about what it was like when we first brought my youngest home from the hospital. I had horrible, horrible anxiety the first few days we were home; at times I could hardly stop crying. Well for some reason, just thinking about my friend and his new baby brings back some of those feelings that I had seven months ago. Weird!!!

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear insights from others who struggle with anxiety.