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From the trenches — a few steps from insanity February 3, 2011

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In honor of the title of this blog, I’m going to be completely honest.

I am about two steps away from going completely insane around here. Here’s why.

  1. Toddler (26 months old) Mark making messes everywhere he goes. Mealtime = milk dumped all over the place, bowl of food dumped onto the table. Playtime = bin of toys dumped all over the place, then kicked under the sofa and TV stand. Yes, sure, this is what toddlers do. That doesn’t mean it can’t drive a person crazy after awhile.
  2. Preschooler (5 1/2 hears old) Adam grumpy and complaining and downright disobedient at times. He and his brother are both getting over colds (to put it mildly) so I understand that Adam is unusually tired and probably not feeling completely back to normal yet. Even so, Hubby and I agree that his complaining, whining, unpleasantness and disobedience go beyond “oh he’s sick so he gets some extra leeway.”
  3. Balancing “work” and home. I’ve begun to do some freelance writing. Yay! A way to bring in a little extra money. Problem is, WHEN do I work? Between working and the kids being sick, things have gotten messier and dirtier around here than usual
  4. Balancing hobbies and other things. I do quite a lot of photography (well, depending on the day/week/month) and have started to acquire some equipment like backdrop stand, backdrop, studio lights, and so on. This is wonderful, but finding the actual time and actual space to pursue these things is NOT easy, especially in this small house of ours. Of course, I knew this would be an issue, but feeling like everything is crashing down on me as far as housework and children’s needs is not helping matters.
  5. The weather. It seems we are either getting crazy amounts of snow or bitterly cold temperatures. When it’s super cold, that is the worst because simply going on errands becomes quite a chore, and it’s not practical to take the kids outside to play.

That’s all for now. Thanks for “listening.”