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Looking back: I *know* what I know January 23, 2012

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Going through my gmail account today, I came across dozens and dozens of emails from a few years ago when I used to be friends with a gal I’ll call Luella. In the last six months, our friendship has completely fallen apart. In fact, things have gotten downright ugly, no matter that I would have done almost anything to prevent that.

In the process of this friendship falling apart, I have tried to explain to others that Luella and I used to be pretty good friends. I get the feeling that some people don’t really believe me. But goshdarnit, I know how things used to be, and coming across all of these emails reminds me that I know what I know.

I also know how Luella treated me a few different times in person last summer (which is how I knew “something” was going on with her and me). I know that she was being purposeful in being mean to me, and I know exactly what happened. Again, there are others who don’t quite seem to believe me, but again, I know what I know.

The last few months, I have focused on moving forward from this train wreck of a situation. It is made more difficult by the other friendships and social situations that this train wreck affects. But onward, onward, onward I move, or try to, anyway.