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Weight Watchers journey May 5, 2009

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My official loss to date is 22 lbs. I haven’t decided on a target weight yet, but I do know I need to lose at least 10 more lbs.

My loss has been quite gradual during the last month or two. It may have to do with my milk production (nursing), which is down from where it had been. I have toyed with the idea of moving my daily points target from 28 to something like 26 — just in my own mind, since I don’t think the eTools will let me tweak like that.

The main thing I have to struggle against is the desire to eat in order to deal with (or, rather, NOT deal with) feelings of stress, anxiety, boredom, and so on. On Saturday, I decided to go off plan, and I wasn’t even hungry at the time. I just WANTED that feeling of eating whatever I wanted, in whatever quantity I wanted. Sort of like a little vacation.

If there’s any silver lining to this cloud, it’s that I do this only once every few weeks or so, and I am back on plan the very next day. In the past when I’ve done WW, those bouts have lasted much longer than one day!

Yesterday I bought Hungry Girl’s 200 under 200 cookbook. I made the Big Bad Burger Wrap for dinner, and I was very pleased. And only 4 Points! My husband, who has started counting calories (go, hubby!!!!) also had one for dinner, and he liked it as well.

Of course, WW has plenty of its own cookbooks, and all (?) their recipes are online. There is just something about Hungry Girl that gets me motivated. Anyone else out there an HG fan?