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Discipline July 29, 2014

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This parenting thing? It can be really tough.
We have a vacation coming up. Lately, we are so fed up with DS age 5’s behavior that Hubby made a behavior chart outlining how many (if any) days of fishing DS5 will lose due to misbehaving.
No doubt, many, many parents would take issue with this approach. However, in our way of viewing things, behavior just has to measure up. We don’t have super high standards by any means. Now that DS5 is almost 6, I just can’t accept certain things any longer.
Here’s hoping he gets to go fishing while on vacation.


My 3-year-old offers the bait; I have to decide whether to take it January 5, 2009

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Recently I have noticed my 3-year-old son using more and more “bait” with his dad and me. By that I mean that he says and does things for the sole purpose of getting a reaction from us. The tricky part is deciding which things require a response (e.g., a consequence), and which things we are better off ignoring or even treating with humor.

In either case, however, I have finally figured out the importance of keeping my emotions out of my response to his behaviors. For reasons that I cannot, as an adult, comprehend, when he senses the slightest annoyance in our response to him, that is is payoff (reward) for his behavior.

I am a pretty strict parent, so it took a long time for me to realize that there are some things that I am better off ignoring. For example, we tell him to wash his hands. A few minutes later, we realize he is sitting on the bathroom floor (waiting to see what our response will be). We decide to ignore it, since it’s not hurting anyone and since we know he’s just waiting for us to react. Eventually, he washes his hands, and peace has reigned in our home.

If you are a parent — what things do your kids use as “bait”? Or, if you’re not a parent, what have you observed regarding this topic?