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Nap? April 11, 2012

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Could it be happening? Is Mark (age 3) just going to fall asleep for his nap with no ifs, ands, or buts?

Is he getting back into the nap habit? That would be lovely. Even though I know it would last only a few days, maybe a week, at the most, it would be so nice for him to get back into the nap rhythm. That way, he will get more rested, and therefore sleep better at night (we have nicknamed him the Midnight Cryer lately, due to the crying he does at night when he’s been over-tired), and I will get a break during the day, and I will have some hope of being able to plan (I use that word loosely) my day.

It gets pretty rough when I don’t think he’s going to need a nap, then I realize at 1 or 2 p.m. (perhaps in the middle of Target) that Oh crap, he does need a nap today! Or when I’m just sure he’s having a nap kind of day, but then after lots of time and energy invested into making a nap happen, a nap does not in fact happen. At that point, I am more tired and crabby than ever, and Mark is also tired and crabby but wired and we have a good chunk of the day ahead of us.

Before I became a mom, and especially a mom of not-the-most-easygoing-child-in-the-world, I had no idea how exhausting and all-consuming something like The Nap could become. I suppose I thought that naps just happened, sort of like…. I dunno…. breathing. I had no idea how miserable things could become when a child is on the verge of needing to give up The Nap, but not quite there yet. Mark has been teetering on this edge for months now, and just when I think we’re solidly in one camp or the other, things change yet again. It’s hard enough to keep things straight in my own mind, never mind trying to keep Hubby or grandparents up to date.


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