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Dictator September 23, 2011

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It’s 1 of those mornings where I find myself being ordered around by a pint sized Dictator. (My apologies for the funky words and capitalization. I am using voice to text.)

As much as I don’t believe in handing over control to a 2 year old, sometimes I really think I have no choice. When Mark is intent on fussing about things and interfering with anything I try to do, it seems my only recourse is to put him in his room. that, or do something completely different like go out on errands. it is frustrating because I need/want to get my house work done in the morning. it is nearly impossible to get my house work done when mark is demanding attention or causing trouble¬† every other moment. I understand about letting him help or giving him something to keep him busy. but sometimes these strategies simply are not enough.

I realize that mark is tired and he has not gotten enough sleep. I realize that this is a huge factor in his behavior and mood. however, my husband and I have done everything we can to get him enough sleep. therefore, I really start to feel trapped and frustrated. I really start to feel the need to put limits on his behavior.

Mark is almost 3 years old. I know that he is tired and that he is having a hard time controlling his emotions. but I also have something that I call a brat alarm that goes off in my head when I see him act a certain way when he is no longer a 1 year old or even a 2 year old.

I am very glad that he is going to preschool now, even if it’s only 2 mornings per week. he really needs the experience of having to do something doesn’t want to do without throwing a fit about it.


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