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Day 3 of Hubby being out of town July 28, 2011

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I think – no, I know – my morale took a beating today.

Today was Day 3 of Hubby being out of town. Yesterday was long, but I was focused on “let’s enjoy summer while it’s here” and had a good day overall. Today – I don’t know what exactly was different, but by the time I was serving supper to the kids, I didn’t have much good humor left to endure DS2’s shenanigens and DS1’s complaining and bad attitude.

I texted Hubby to give him a heads-up that by the time he got home from his trip this evening, I would be glad to see him but maybe not in a very good mood. I explained that I felt like a hamster stuck on a wheel and that I was very tired of it. I also explained that I have a million things on my to-do list, yet I’m lucky if I can take care of my basic needs. I hope he will be understanding.

I’ve recently re-instated FlyLady routines into my day, and it definitely helps to keep CHAOS away. It’s also a lot of work to actually DO laundry every day and CLEAN the kitchen/kitchen sink every morning. I think I’m enjoying the fruits of my labor, but also feeling the effects of not plopping onto the couch every time I feel the urge. I’m sure Hubby being out of town also plays a large part in my feeling overall wigged out and worn out.


4 Responses to “Day 3 of Hubby being out of town”

  1. FlyLady is amazing!

  2. Domestiç Reclusë Says:

    Wow, I could never get the hang of FlyLady… the website alone seems so chaotic to me that it just adds to my stress. LOL

    I created a “tangent log,” which is basically where you brain-dump everything that’s eating at you & keeps you from going to bed at night — whether it’s you thinking about having to get groceries, needing to reschedule an appt, check out a certain website/blog, etc. Then you can step back from the chaos that was in your head and relax a little… and see which of the things are necessary, which are frivolous (& cross them off), which can be done another day, how long it can take, etc. Carrying everything in my swiss-cheese memory is the worst; I’d forget half the time what it was I needed or wanted to do that day and then it all comes crashing down on me at the last possible moment. The tangent log keeps me from going off a tangent. It’s killed off at least 60% of my “never seem to have time to get things done” prob. 🙂

  3. lotsofopinions Says:

    I have to say that there are some facets of FlyLady that work for me, but not in the way that they are “supposed” to work. Will have to go into that another time; could be an interesting post.

    @Recluse, I am with you on the brain dump thing. The Getting things Done (GTD) system by David Allen uses a similar concept. I consider myself a GTDer, though not a “perfect” GTDer, LOL!

  4. Penguin's Palette Says:

    I too am a FlyLady follower, I started over with baby steps on wednesday, and so far I have gone to bed each night with a clean kitchen. I only have one child, who will soon be five. I can’t imagine having two children so close in age! remember to take time for you, because you are no good to anyone, if you can’t be good to you!

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