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Food… food… food. May 22, 2011

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Getting ready for church this morning. Sunday School is at 9:30. Worship service is at 10:45. We usually get home by 12:30 at the latest.

My dilemma is always, how much and what kind of food to pack for my kids (ages 2 and 5)?

After years of taking care of my older son, Adam, I have developed a particular sensitivity about hearing, “Mom, I’m hungry.” It just drives me batty at times. Outside of breakfast – snack – lunch – snack – dinner, I do not want to have to worry about preparing/serving/toting along yet MORE food!

Lately I have gotten away from the all-carbs-all-the-time mode of feeding the kids, especially for their snacks. I suspect that anything made with flour goes over well in the moment, but makes them more hungry in the short-term. This rules out bread, crackers, cereal, and granola bars. This leaves nuts, fruit, and cheese as our options for on-the-go.

This is what I have packed for church this morning. Almonds, cheese cubes, banana, and cut-up apple.

It’s hard to explain, I guess, but it is really a hot button for me when we are away from home and Adam (5 years old) complains that he’s hungry and wants something to eat. I feel like I *have* to be prepared . What’s worse is when he doesn’t want to eat the food I have brought along — but that becomes a discipline issue where I can insist that he not complain or else there will be a consequence. Or when he eats everything I have brought along and claims that he is still hungry and wants more. It just drives me crazy.

I see other parents bring a tiny little baggie of cereal or something, and for them that is being plenty prepared for their kids’ snack attack. Meanwhile, I’m packing a buffet and find that it’s either not enough food or the kids don’t want it. (In the case of the latter, as I mentioned before, that is just too-bad-so-sad for my older child. For my younger child, it is neither here nor there because he is not as big of an eater.)

At church there tends to be junk food available from different sources and at different times, and I do not want church to become a junk-food-fest for my kids. This is another reason I try to be very prepared with kid-food when it comes to church.


2 Responses to “Food… food… food.”

  1. glip Says:

    I have a two-year-old and an almost five-year-old and have tried repeatedly to get by with just graham crackers or a baggie of goldfish and it never works out. They always have way more of an appetite than I think they will, and then we are snackless and cranky wherever we may be – the park, doctor’s office, YMCA, etc. I totally LOVE your blog. You just put into words everything I am experiencing, especially “SAHM Burnout.” I think I scream silently in my head at least 15 times a day. Why don’t the preschool “breaks” help? Oh, wait – there’s always a disgustingly dirty floor or bathroom to turn my attention to during my free time, right? Anyway, thanks for putting this out there and just wanted to let you know there’s someone who feels the same way.

    • lotsofopinions Says:

      Wow, Glip, thank you for stopping by and commenting. It makes me feel so much better to know that I’m not alone!

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