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Feeling really behind lately, and frustrated March 23, 2011

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Oh my. Lately I feel I have been fighting a losing battle as far as organizing, cleaning, and so on.

Lots of stuff is packed away, or otherwise not where it belongs, due to our flooring projects. In the last 2 months, we have put new floor down in 90% of our main floor. The fruit-basket-upset that this has caused is even worse because, since February, I have spent three long weekends away from home (with the kids) so Hubby could work on the floors.

On Monday morning, I returned home with the kids and a van full of luggage, etc., at 11:30 a.m. after spending the weekend at my parents’ house. I returned to a home where the kitchen was semi-usable in that the refrigerator was in the dining room (which is NOT right next to the kitchen) and the kitchen floor not ready for chairs. Spending the last three days trekking back and forth between the kitchen and dining room has not been fun. Feeding a toddler is never a simple thing; throw in the least-efficient-possible arrangement of kitchen-refrigerator-dining space, and Aaaargh!

I am finding it more difficult than I expected to cope with all of the things that need attention: Of course, the kids need meals and baths and bedtimes and so on. The laundry needs to be done, especially with a bed-wetter in the family. Groceries need to be bought. Food needs to be prepared (especially since Hubby and I are eating low-carb). Preschool and other commitments need to be attended to.

Meanwhile, there is lots of unpacking and organizing to do, and the time I have “free” to work on those things — well — I just want a break, and if I’m not taking a break (by blogging or resting), there is always the 5-year-old who wants me to spend time with him.

Mornings in particular have been rough. When I get up and start my day, I feel like the cards are already stacked against me. I battle through getting myself fed, getting the kids fed, getting the kids dressed, getting myself dressed, cleaning the kitchen, getting a handle on laundry, fixing snacks … all morning long. By the time my 2-year-old goes down for a nap around 1 p.m., all I want is a break, yet it seems I have little to show for my morning full of work.

Hubby may wonder why things are such a mess when he comes home for lunch, or at the end of the workday. I wonder that, too, since on a typical day I haven’t exactly been sitting around eating bon-bons.


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