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How I get my dog to take her pill January 4, 2011

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A few months ago, our vet gave our dog a prescription for what we affectionately call “pee pills.” These pills help to keep her from having incontinence accidents (urine), and fortunately they do make a big difference. Unfortunately, she hates the pills!

We tried and tried different ways to get her to take her pill, even grinding up the pill and mixing it into canned dog food (a real treat for her), but to no avail.

But  now, it seems that I have found a solution. Maybe this will be helpful for some else in a similar predicament.

1. Take two bacon-type dog treats. Mine are from an 87-cent bag of treats from Walmart.

2. Take a teaspoon or so of peanut butter and place it on one of the bacon treats.

3. Place the pill into the dollop of peanut butter, then place the other bacon treat on top, to make a “sandwich.”

4. Give treat to my dog, and gently use my hands to keep her mouth pointed upward while she chews and swallows the treat. This keeps her from dropping the “sandwich” on the floor and then eating only the parts she likes.


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