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Pursuing my Passions vs. Trying to be Suzy Homemaker November 3, 2010

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One of my passions is photography. I take a lot of pictures, mainly of my kids. Nowadays I shoot in RAW format, which gives me better results and a lot more leeway for “fixing” photos, but it does add a even more of a time requirement to this already time-consuming (but worthwhile) hobby.

My thought of the day is that a lot of people in my life enjoy and appreciate the results of my photographic efforts, but they may not realize how much time it requires for me to get those results.

At the moment, my mother is playing outside with my two boys. Of course, I am deeply grateful for this chance to actually decide what to do with some time. There is a lot of housework that needs to be done; I can see dirt and dog hair from right where I’m sitting! However, I decided to use this time to work on some photos from Halloween (and to blog, obviously).

It feels a little strange to do this, as if I’m not quite sure my mom would understand why I’m “just sitting at the computer” when the woman’s work calls to me from every corner of my house. I guess lately I have been more focused on doing what I enjoy, when I find a chance to do so, rather than trying to be suzy homemaker.

I don’t have the perfect balance figured out, but it is an interesting journey.


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