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My decision to buy a Kindle 3 October 4, 2010

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Hubby and I are now each owners of the Kindle 3. They arrived last week, and I was pretty excited to get mine out of the box and into my hot little hands.

When Hubby started talking about the Kindle 3 a few months ago, initially I wasn’t all that interested. I shared with him that when I read a book, usually it is nonfiction and usually it is a book that I own, therefore I do a lot of underlining and some amount of notes in the margins. Then he told me that the Kindle allows you to highlight text and then those portions of text can be “shared” (using things like Twitter) or otherwise stored as one or another kind of text file. Kindle books also allow you to add notes “in the margin,” as it were, using the built-in QWERTY keyboard.

This definitely got my attention. I imagined that the text of my books would no longer be “trapped” inside the book covers, but could be transferred to just about anything, such as an electronic journal (Google docs or otherwise) where I could keep my favorite excerpts, journal about them, and so on.

Hubby also told me that if we each had a Kindle and put the Kindles on the same Amazon account, then any book we purchased could be read on either or both Kindles.  This got my attention as well, because if we decided to read a book together, there would be no issue of whether to buy one or two copies of a book.

Another “score one for the Kindle” moment came after Hubby had decided that he definitely would save up and buy one. We ended up going through dozens, maybe even a hundred or more, books, and getting rid of at least half of them. In the process, he made lists of books he definitely wanted to purchase for the Kindle in the future, books he may want to Kindle-ize, and so on. Since I have a keen interest in decluttering, due in part to our small-ish home, this also got my attention!

The fact is that Hubby and I both love books, but it is not always practical to hold on to the books we love, books we haven’t read yet but intend to…. you get the idea.

I started doing a bit of my own research and found that the Kindle, while not perfect, is considered by many to be the top e-reader on the market.

And so, I decided that I, too, would save up for a Kindle. My life as a SAHM can be pretty dull sometimes, and I imagined that having a nifty little device that is full of books, and that can access the Internet (Wi-Fi and/or 3G if you spring for the $189 version), would be a very good thing for me. So far, it has been. More on that in a future post!


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