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Self-directed activities for kids September 13, 2010

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Thought of the day:

I think that some of children’s best, most positive, memories come from things that they come up with to do on their own, without adult participation or direction. It could be a craft, a game (even a board game that they play by themselves), or any activity that they dream up.

At present, my 5yo son is riding a “Big Wheel” through a loop that he discovered on his own. The loop goes through our garage, out the door, through a fence gate, and back in through the garage door. Clearly there is something imaginative going on, since he is talking to himself and is very intent on this activity.

If I were outside with him, even keeping to myself by reading the newspaper, he probably wouldn’t have come up with this idea. I think that the very presence of an adult can keep a child from fully exploring his/her imaginative protential.

I don’t advocate neglecting a child, and I believe that babies and younger children “need” more from adults than older children do. But all in all, it seems to me that a preschool-aged child benefits a great deal from having time to him/herself, with no direction or any kind of interference from adults.


3 Responses to “Self-directed activities for kids”

  1. 3boysmama Says:

    Hey, honest mommy, where have you been? I really look forward to reading your blog each day, and have missed ‘hearing’ from you.

    • lotsofopinions Says:

      Hello! Thanks for your comment! Lately I’ve been busy with this & that and haven’t had much to blog about, but I do have a few posts brewing.
      I always like to learn more about my visitors’ interests. What kinds of topics interest you most?

      • 3boysmama Says:

        I’m a lesbian SAHM of 3 boys aged 6-11, and my ‘spouse’ works outside the home. I’m feeling depressed and frustrated with the lack of help around the house, and pretty much feeling like the overworked maid. I really haven’t read any of your posts that I haven’t gained something from, so keep doing what you’re doing. It’s refreshing to find others out there who can identify with my struggles.

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