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Not doing so hot today September 2, 2010

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A rainy afternoon here, but the rain doesn’t bother me. It’s sort of nice to have a respite from the constant pressure I feel to Get The Kids Outside. That being said, I should really do a grocery run before it gets too close to dinner and to my gym time.

I gave in yet again to cravings, boredom, etc., and dug into junk food this afternoon. This means that my scheduled trip to the gym is going to be a real drag. I already blew off one workout this week, so things are not headed in the right direction with making my health a priority.

Just have to keep slogging along. Tomorrow is a new day, and more importantly, there is no reason I have to keep eating junk today. With any luck, I will manage to press my internal re-set button and make the rest of today something to be proud of!


2 Responses to “Not doing so hot today”

  1. Kelly K Says:

    How long have you been working out?

    I know getting into a working routine is really hard. I find that once I’m in it, I actually get addicted to it (partially due to it being a break during the day from the kids). I have a post that talks about the gym = my sanity (I think I called it Ode to the Gym).

    I struggled to lose the baby weight because I always eat when I’m hungry. So it was very slow to lose the weight. I also know that if I’m craving something, I can’t deny myself for long, or I’ll overindulge. I know this about me, and allow myself a small treat everyday, along with special occasion (like birthday parties) indulging. Because I love food. And if I can’t have any of it, what’s the point?

    I have trained my mind to think the opposite way about eating junk from many. If I eat a lot of junk, it is MORE of reason to workout. Not a reason to say “this day is shot. I think I’ll eat more junk.”

    I don’t know what kind of a gym you use or what types are available to you, but because I HATE the treadmill, I belong to one with group fitness classes and it makes working out fun and challenging. Way more than I would do on my own.

    Just remember, getting in shape and healthy will make you actually have more energy for your kids. And for you.

    *I have had time to read older posts, so if I assumed any information, I apologize.

    • lotsofopinions Says:

      Hi, Thank you for your comment. It is motivating for me to hear how others navigate the fitness/weight loss/life journey.

      I have been working out consistently for about 10 months. I go to a gym and use an elliptical to do interval workouts, basically following this guy’s system
      which I love. I’m pretty certain that I wouldn’t be doing cardio regularly if it weren’t for my heart rate monitor and workout-generating software from No Excuses. Jonathan’s attitude is so positive, and he’s also realistic and understands the stresses of life. He has been a huge help to me and I always listen to his weekly podcast while working out. I love that I can get a super-effective workout in 30 minutes.

      I did have a good workout last night, so I feel on track to have a good day today. One day at a time!

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