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Dodged a bullet, at least for a moment August 3, 2010

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Adam, 5 years old, has been particularly underfoot today.

A moment ago he came up from the basement, where he and Little Brother had been playing. It seemed that Adam was getting ready to, well, talk at me (something I have had more than enough of today).

Mom: Adam, do you need something to do? (undertone: chores)

Adam: No.

Mom: Okay, then I expect you to not bother me right now.

I think John Rosemond would be proud. And, I got a few more minutes of relative peace and quiet.


2 Responses to “Dodged a bullet, at least for a moment”

  1. .:[CrypticAzn]:. Says:

    LOL My 6yr old can’t seem to do anything without involving others, i.e., she insists you play with her, or become a victim of her body art or some other “group” activity 24/7… When it’s not that, she sometimes complains about being bored & then gripes at any of the suggestions/ideas I give her.

    She just can’t be satisfied on many occasions, even when you suggest something fun — she will gripe and then when you walk away, she’ll pull a reverse psych on you and say, “Ok, I guess…” like you’re such a burden to her or you’re taking up her precious time in a bad way. LOL

    Like you, I’ve found that the quickest way to end the whining or complaining is to ask, “Do you want me to find something for you to do? I can think of A LOT of things you can do right now… There’s a lot that needs to be done around the house…” I’ve learned that this statement is the fastest way to clear a room of kids, whether they’re 6yrs old or 14yrs old. 😉

    • lotsofopinions Says:

      Hee hee! Way to go!

      And isn’t it amazing how many parents are afraid to take the leadership role and insist that their kids stay out from underfoot?

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