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Daily planning for the SAHM December 31, 2009

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The last few weeks have been very active for me in terms of decluttering and re-committing myself to GTD. I have been putting a lot more effort into ubiquitous capture, and one result of that is a very different feel to my days. It is hard to describe but I guess I could say that when I have a thought worth capturing, instead of ruminating on it and worrying about it and so on, I put it on paper (or even on my shower wall) and then move on to have even more thoughts.

A thought I had yesterday was: How useful would it be to me to go over a series of questions every morning?

Questions such as:

  • What’s for dinner? (a la FlyLady)
  • What items are on our schedule (appointments, preschool, etc.)?
  • Which child needs a bath today, and when will this bath fit into our day?
  • What time to the kids need to go to bed?
  • Are there any errands that I can, should, or need to run today?
  • Are there any phone calls or emails that I should take care of today?

I suppose this is sort of a daily planning session for the SAHM. Ideally I could also scan through my Next Actions to catch things that are especially important.

Does anyone else use a checklist to help plan their day?


One Response to “Daily planning for the SAHM”

  1. Rose Says:

    I’ve found that having a plan for each day and a general theme for each day of the week (Monday, laundry and music fun for the kids, Tuesday visiting friends or just time out of the house, Wednesday is tv is ok day, etc.) it makes the days go much much faster. But planning each day specifically has helped too because I usually have at least 3 things planned to do with my older son and so neither of us gets bored and even if he isn’t overjoyed about it it keeps my brain busy. As we don’t have a 2nd vehicle which leaves me home with the kids almost all day everyday.

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