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A SAHM mom ponders productivity and depression July 27, 2009

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Every parent knows how hard it is to be productive with a mobile baby around.

If my 9-month-old, Mark, is awake, he is generally in one of two states:

1) He is content to play on his own or with his older brother.

2) He is fussy and will calm down only if I hold him (preferably while standing up). If I have ruled out his need for a diaper change or a snack, then he is most likely fussy because he’s tired well before nap time, a situation which I dread.

In the case of (2), it is nearly impossible to get anything accomplished, which is especially challenging if it’s something that can’t be put off until later, such as using the bathroom or putting older brother Adam down for a nap.

In the case of (1), there is more potential for me to be productive. I do need to make sure that Baby Mark is safe by  remembering to close baby gates and doors, and keeping unsafe items out of his reach (the mop bucket comes to mind). Another hurtle is Baby Mark’s interest in what I’m doing, also known as “getting into everything.”

Some days, it’s difficult to keep in mind the big picture — that this is only a short period of time in my life and in my children’s lives. When the house is a disaster, it’s hard for me to enjoy anything, therefore tidying up and cleaning are forefront on my mind. When I am not able to do these things, I get even more frustrated.

The other day I stumbled, completely by accident, on a blog post that perfectly described what I struggle with on a regular basis. This blogger, a dad who ended up being stranded at home with his kids during a blizzard, states:

with the blizzard and the kids, there was no path to action. There was no escape. I can see how many stay at home moms develop agoraphobia and depression.

Baby Mark just woke up from a nap, so I’ll have to end here (ironic, no?). More on this topic later.


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