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Thanks for the kudos, Rosemond! July 21, 2009

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As readers of this blog are no doubt aware, I am a fan of John Rosemond. I have been a member of his website for some time now, and have written in with questions and comments a number of times.

A few weeks ago, I checked his website for the latest column, and was pretty surprised to find that a “story” I had sent to him a year or so ago was the subject of his column for June 30, 2009 (please note that this link will work only for a limited time).

As it turned out, this technique (with the notecard and stickers) was but one technique we used along the rocky path of potty training Kid_1. By the age of 26 months, he had a firm grasp of where to put his pee and poop, BUT when he was not naked from the waist down, he wet his pants more often than not, EXCEPT when he was at Grandma’s house. This told me that he knew how to keep himself dry (without reminders and such), but that for some reason while he was with Dad or Mom, he preferred to hold his urine for so long that eventually it leaked out, little by little.

In retrospect, I can see that the main issue was a power struggle. I never once thought that we had started potty training him too early — the proof was his impeccable potty performance at Grandma’s house (she did not remind him to go; he simply went potty when he needed to).

I have another blog, but since I keep many of my parenting opinions and practices to myself, I would never share this information on that blog. I have too many family and friends who would give me a hard time about (gasp!) gating my son into the bathroom.


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