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Primal urges got the better of me July 14, 2009

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The last few days, I have been operating in a fog, it seems. Not quite enough sleep, and feeling hungry a lot. For the first time in my 7-month-long Weight Watchers journey, I have consistently had problems with the feeling that I must reach out, grab, and eat anything that is within reach (my baby’s puff snacks are a frequent target). It’s almost as if a biological urge is taking over!

Soooo…. this afternoon I was able to sneak in a nap (a small miracle). Feeling great after the nap, I had the idea to mix up a batch of brownie batter and enjoy some “me time” while the kids were still sleeping. I’m not proud to say that I did very little to resist this urge. It truly felt that every fiber of my being – mind and body – wanted to seek comfort in the form of food and rest. Not even the knowledge that weigh-in is this afternoon motivated me to stay on the straight and narrow.

I also wanted to avoid dealing with the messy house and some other things that require my attention, such as preparing for Kid_1’s birthday party on Saturday.

What have I learned today?

  1. It’s difficult to make good choices when I’m behind on sleep.
  2. When I wake up from a nap, that is a danger zone for me as far as indulging in sweets or other comfort food.
  3. When I’m low on “healthy treats” such as Skinny Cow ice cream, and low on healthy food that appeals to me and is quick and easy (such as fruit that is washed/cut/pre-portioned), that creates another danger zone for me.
  4. If I keep up with my FlyLady routines, I am less likely to become discouraged by messes around the house (this morning I dilly dallied around, and never really got going on my routines).

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