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4yo is a real piece of work lately July 13, 2009

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Wow. I don’t know what has gotten into Kid_1 (almost 4 yrs old) over the last few days. Over the weekend we did some fun activities together as a family — a nice change of pace from the usual weekends where DH works on the house and yard while I care for the kids. During these family activites, and during other times as well, Kid_1 showed himself to be sour, whiney, argumentative, and uncooperative.

In a way I am glad that this occurred over the weekend, because DH had the opportunity to get the full picture about Kid_1’s behavior and attitude. The more DH and I are on the same page about things, the easier it is to make decisions together and to support each other.

This morning, Kid_1 has been a real piece of work, pushing buttons all through breakfast. He has four tickets for the whole day, and has lost two tickets already (if he loses all tickets, he is grounded to his room for the rest of the day). I am making an effort to be consistent about the rule that whining, arguing, and sassing are NOT ALLOWED; that is, if I give too many warnings, that just means that I’m allowing the behavior.

I find it is trickier to be consistent about matters of the attitude and tongue than it is to be consistent about things like “You must ask permission before going outside.” When I really think aobut it, I probably am too lenient with matters of the tongue and attitude. Well…. I will need to do some serious thinking about that!


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