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Easy, cheap, healthy food for kids July 4, 2009

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Before I became a mom, I had no concept of how much of my day would be taken up with preparing, serving, and cleaning up from meals and snacks. It seems that every time I turn around, one of my two boys (ages 4 years and 8 months) needs to eat! So, I’m always on the look-out for healthy, inexpensive, easy-to-prepare foods.

In the summer, it seems like there is even less time to spend prepping and cooking. Just a simple, quick trip to the park in the morning can result in a lunchtime emergency when we all come in the door hot and hungry. Does anyone else run into this problem??? I have started to prepare lunchtime sandwiches and fruit at the same time I’m working on the mid-morning snack, so that I can pull out the sandwiches right when we come home from our morning outing.

A few of my favorite kid meals/snacks are

  • plain oatmeal (old fashioned or instant), jazzed up with peanut butter, honey, etc.
  • eggs in all their forms, but mostly scrambled because it’s so easy.
  • cut up fruit (apples, bananas, grapes)
  • baby carrots with dip
  • whole wheat pasta with olive oil & parmesan cheese
  • (Don’t throw me under the bus here) Lean Pockets, because they’re filling and have reasonable calorie and fat counts, though are pretty high in sodium
  • Peanut butter sandwich, of course!, on whole wheat bread
  • Grilled cheese on whole wheat
  • Whole wheat mac & cheese with a bag of frozen veggies mixed in

Please post your favorites to the comments!


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