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Purchases at Target July 2, 2009

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Just a few thoughts about purchases I’ve made at Target.

Target brand diaper ointment (Desitin) — Very inexpensive, but still not worth the price. Doesn’t adhere very well to baby’s skin, doesn’t seem to work as well as Desitin does for clearing up diaper rash, and worst of all, it seems to have “separated” in the tube, so that when I open the tube, an oily substance comes out.

Toddler & Boys Cherokee t-shirts (some labeled “Ultimate T-Shirt”) — Definitely worth the price. I routinely check the clearance racks for these gems. They hold their color and shape well, and are soft and sturdy to the touch.

Target brand baby wash (Johnson & Johnson’s Head to Toe) – Very inexpensive. Seems to do the job as well as the brand-name baby wash, although the texture is a little different


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