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Dropping to 3 pumps per day April 4, 2009

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Big decision yesterday- I made the leap from 4 pumps per day to 3 pumps. My schedule will be approximately 7 a.m., 1 p.m., and 9 p.m. I will need to pump longer at each session in order to make up for the dropped pump session, but two of the three sessions will be when the boys are asleep — a major plus. And since this eliminates the late afternoon pump, it should be easier to run errands or get dinner ready.

I have been pumping for 5 1/2 months, and at this point, I want to make sure Mark gets some breastmilk, but I am not willing to stretch myself to the limit for the sake of every last ounce. It is certainly a factor that I have always been an LVP (low volume producer) and therefore Mark has always gotten a fair amount of formula no matter how much time or energy I put into pumping.

This means that I will be sad to see my supply decrease, but not as sad as if I had never had to give Mark formula before.

A good friend stopped over two nights ago, and I ended up sharing about my struggles with pumping. After some hugs and tears, and after he left, I gave a lot of thought to the matter and realized that this was the right thing to do right now.

This evening, my thoughts and prayers are with every mother who is struggling with issues around feeding her baby – breastfeeding, formula feeding, pumping — any or all of the above. It is such an important issue, but it can be hard to keep perspective as well.


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