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Purple Patience March 24, 2009

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It is so important to have patience and to have a positive attitude. I find that when I keep myself connected to FlyLady, especially through listening to her weekly podcast, I develop something I have come to call Purple Patience. It is the atittude by which I move through my day, slow and steady, getting things done and not getting stressed out or (overly) worn out in the process. Purple Patience is the opposite of Stinkin’ Thinkin’.

When Purple Patience reigns, I do not get overwhelmed when I see messes, dirt, and clutter throughout my house. I simply check in with my daily routine and ask myself whether I have taken care of my daily routine: kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and floors. If not, I get my mind back on getting my daily routine done. If I have already done my routine, then I find a way to make progress on other things. Maybe a 27-fling boogie is in order; maybe I can make a stab at the Weekly Home Blessing Hour. If nothing else, I can manage a five (two?)-minute room rescue.

It all comes down to two things: Keeping focused on the daily routine, and keeping a positive attitude about all of the things that don’t directly fall into the daily routine. It is not about being perfect; it is about loving myself, my family, and my home. Loving myself does not mean exhausting myself trying to have a perfect home. Purple Patience gives me the perspective to see that everything I do, even if I do it imperfectly, blesses my family and my home.


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