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3yo lost all 3 tickets by 1 p.m. March 17, 2009

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By 1:00 p.m. today, Adam had lost all of his tickets. In each case, he went ahead and did something he was told not to do, or outright did not follow directions. As a result, I had to call my MIL and tell her that Adam could not come over for the afternoon, as we had planned. To her credit, she was very understanding and even supportive. Of course, she may not have been so supportive if she realized what the consequence for losing all tickets actually is (rest of the day in his room with no toys).


2 Responses to “3yo lost all 3 tickets by 1 p.m.”

  1. robyn Says:

    we are considering this route for our 3 yo as well. i am wondering about the in the room thing all does that work with one so young?

    • lotsofopinions Says:

      Good question. Now that my second child is 3 (almost 4), he is a completely different personality and I have a much harder time with him. The most I have done with him is 4 hours or so in his room…. but his room is upstairs, rather than down on the main floor, and I feel I need to be checking on him every few minutes, which is a real chore.

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