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“The doctor” works a miracle February 3, 2009

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After my 3-year-old’s nap this afternoon, he became less and less interested in playing on his own, and more and more interested in doing things like flopping around on the furniture, pestering me with questions, and generally being underfoot. I reminded him several times that he needed to play on his own, to no avail.

Enter: The Doctor, a strategy suggested by John Rosemond, in which a phone call to “the doctor” compels a child to do the right thing. I don’t use this very often, but when I do, it is fabulously effective.

I faked a phone call to The Doctor in which I explained that my 3-year-old seemed unable to play on his own for some reason; he also had an affinity for flopping around on the furniture. After asking me a few questions, the doctor recommended that if this continued, he was to go to bed early, since children who act this way are tired and need extra sleep.

Lo and behold, when I passed this information along to my son, he was immediately able to play on his own, very cheerfully, for long stretches! Several times I have seen him lose interest in his activities and start to try to engage me, but he apparently remembers the doctor’s Rx and is, miraculously, able to re-engage himself in his imaginative play.

I certainly am grateful for the doctor’s help this evening. With her help, my son is able to use his God-given imagination and attention span to their fullest potential. Indeed, I’d call her not just a doctor, but a miracle-worker.


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