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I am learning huge lessons about naptimes January 16, 2009

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The most amazing thing just happened.

I was doing a Leslie Sansone DVD, and I noticed my 3-month-old showing the first signs of sleepiness. Because I am in the middle of reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, I immediately paused the DVD, grabbed a bottle, and brought little Mark up to his room. I fed him for a few minutes, and when he appeared sleepy, I swaddled him in his crib. I then LEFT THE ROOM while he was STILL AWAKE.

“This will never work,” I thought to myself, but I went downstairs anyway.

It is ten minutes later, and I am almost certain he is asleep. Amazing, considering what our naptimes are usually like!

This, just shortly after I put my 3-year-old down for his nap at 12:45 p.m. I’m sure he was asleep by 1:00 p.m. This is revolutionary. (I knew to put him down because he suddenly became defiant, whiney, etc.).

The lesson I am learning: Put kids and babies down for their naps early in their sleepiness cycle. I never thought I was bad about waiting too long, but I guess I was!


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