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The Naptime Panic, or, OMG what should I do now that baby is sleeping?!?! January 13, 2009

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When my 3-month-old goes down for a nap, which is about 4 times per day, I often find myself going into something like a panic. With just my 3-year-0ld to look after, I have a good deal more freedom to do any number of things. But the cause of my panic is, WHAT SHOULD I SPEND THIS TIME DOING? I only have 45 minutes, maybe an hour, and before I know it, the baby monitor will squawk to life.

I’m sure many other parents can relate to this feeling.

Should I clean up the kitchen? Make a stab at my daily routine (FlyLady), which includes things like wiping down the bathroom? Read a book to my 3-year-old? Check e-mail? Or, do something really indulgent and head out to to work on one of my digital scrapbooks?

Sometimes, I come downstairs all ready to tackle one thing or another, and then it hits me: It’s time to pump! Breastmilk, that is.¬† The process takes a good 20 minutes or more, so it really gets me down sometimes. (Since nursing didn’t work out for my baby and me, pumping is the way I get breastmilk for him. It is horribly wonderful, and wonderfully horrible, all at the same time.)

Since today is my birthday, I am going to try to be a little relaxed and treat myself to more “me” time than usual, whenever I get the chance. But normally, I find a good strategy is to set my timer (a la FlyLady) and spend maybe 5 minutes each in a couple of areas that need attention. It truly is amazing what you can get done in just 5 minutes. Then, if no crises have arisen, I can try to find some “me” time before baby wakes up.


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