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Being kind to myself in the midst of motherhood January 13, 2009

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It is nearly 2:45 p.m. I have been feeding my 3-month-old, waiting for him to finish eating and to fall asleep, for nearly an hour.  Prior to this, he has slept for less than 90 minutes all day long, and has needed to be held for nearly all of his waking time (due to gas, I think).

Oh yeah, I also have a 3-year-old to take care of, and I need to get 6 pumping sessions in per day (2 hours total). It’s a wonder my house and my self aren’t complete & total disasters. In fact, I guess I should be proud if what I do manage to accomplish.

Since I started FlyLady a few years ago, I have learned to be kind to myself like that. Instead of beating myself up over one thing or another, I try to love myself and give myself credit where credit is due. The “Fly” in “FlyLady” stands for “Finally Loving Yourself.”

Lots of people think that FlyLady is all about cleaning all the time, having a perfect house, and so on. Really, it is quite the opposite.


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