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Vindication! Validation! January 4, 2009

Filed under: In-Laws,Parenting,Personal Struggles — lotsofopinions @ 3:37 am

Yes, oh yes, vindication is sweet. MIL decided not to go to church tonight with the boys, due to bad weather. So, that turned into a non-issue (for now). Apparently, the evening was pretty rough as far as baby Mark was concerned. Mark was extremely tired and fussy, but would not fall asleep.

From my own selfish standpoint, I could not have asked for anything more. You see, ever since Mark was born, DH and I have struggled to get Mark to sleep. But whenever one of us would mention this to MIL, we always felt she was dismissing or minimizing what we were saying. (Personally, I think she felt there wasn’t a baby in the world who wouldn’t fall asleep in her arms.) Plus, she has never been very good at simply listening to what you are saying, and making you feel validated in your feelings or opinions. She’s one of those people who can top (or simply dismiss) whatever you’re trying to get across.

As you can imagine, I felt vindicated when I saw that she was a bit frazzled 3-4 hours into her babysitting stint, because she couldn’t get him to sleep and he was getting fussier and fussier. She also mentioned that Adam hadn’t gotten much attention the whole evening.


I have always thought she was a bit over the top in paying attention to Adam every waking second. That is just not possible when a second child comes into the picture. She herself had just one child, so ever since Mark was born, I’ve felt that MIL really doesn’t “get” what I’m going through.

All in all, tonight was a terrific night for my mental health. Sometimes MIL looms larger than life in my psyche, and it feels good to think that she might possibly have gotten a reality check this evening.


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