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Stomach virus – not the same as indigestion January 2, 2009

Filed under: Venting — lotsofopinions @ 10:39 pm

Around my house, we have had quite the run-in with a stomach virus lately. I have been struck by how many people seem to think that the way to deal with a stomach virus is the same way you deal with indigestion (like, when you eat too much junk food and your tummy is unhappy). It is my opinion that when a person who has been infected with a stomach virus is DONE vomiting, s/he is DONE. First, you get established with the clear liquids (water, juice, pedialyte, jello), and then you try some solids. It is not overly important WHAT the solids are. Cheerios, rice krispies, bananas, whatever! If the body is ready to accept food, then it is ready (as long as you take a reasonable route).

I am venting about this because several people in my world seem to think that if you eat the “right” things, then you will be better off. Well, I don’t think a person should go out and eat a double cheeseburger (which is likely to give you a tummy ache anyhow), but I really don’t think there is something magic about 7-Up, for example.

Take ginger ale — it is useful for relieving the nausea of morning sickness (I should know)!, but I really doubt ginger in any form is going to stand a chance againstĀ a stomach virus.

My best bet is just smile and nod when people give their advice about dealing with a stomach virus. As for me, I have been to hell and back with these viruses (especially with my son, who’s been in the hospital twice for dehydration), and I will stick with what I know works: waiting, trying liquids (VERY SLOWLY especially if dehydration is on the horizon), waiting, and then trying solids (anything that sounds good to the patient).


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